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sex yourselfI decided to write the book I always wanted to offer my customers and clients. Sex Yourself: The Woman’s Guide to Mastering Masturbation and Achieving Powerful Orgasms is just that book: For women who want more pleasure and those who love them and want to support them in gaining more enjoyment or even better orgasms with sex. It covers the important topics of erotic anatomy, explicit finger and toy techniques for solo-pleasure, enhancing orgasms and sharing sexy solo play with a partner. Even veterans of pleasure will learn new tips that to help (re)-discover their body.  Topics also include how to get in the mood, spicing up your solo-sex practice and gaining insights into the best toys for whom and why. People often tell me that they are surprised at how much they did not know and how thrilled that they finally do!   176 pages.

My second book is on anal pleasure. anal sex basics My goal is to expand people’s options and pleasures around anal play- whether you want to explore internally or just venture around the outside. It is for people of all genders, sexes, orientations and pleasures. Chapters include anatomy, techniques, positions, toys, kink and anal pleasure, preparation and clean-up. It includes all the information you need to play safely, ensure pleasure and expand your sexual repertoire. Order here. 165 pages.


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What Love Language do you Speak?
There are five basic love languages that are spoken – which one is yours? Which one is your partner’s?

Tending The Garden of Passion
From the first buds of romance to laying down deep roots, a growing relationship needs your care to grow.

Make Your Desires Heard
Our parents are our main role models for personal communication – but when did you ever hear them negotiate sex? Teach yourself how to talk about desires, changes and secrets so you can talk your way to a better sex life.

Five Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Pleasure Sanctuary
More than a bed in a room. More than the place where you sleep. Realizing that your bedroom is the staging ground for sex helps you prepare, enhance and elevate your encounters there.

Creating New Habits
Try creating sexual and intimacy goals rather than resolutions when New Year’s rolls around.

Hot Flashes & Even Hotter Sex
Menopause carries a lot of myths, but it can be a time for exciting and fulfilling sex.

You Only Live Once
Make sure that the heat of your encounters today will warm you for the years to come.

The Seduction of Outdoor Toronto
Beyond PDAs, it’s important to explore the open air as a couple.

Wet and Wonderful
Fun. Slippery when wet. Wild. If it’s a steamy summer, you can intensify your pleasure with these ideas.

Partner Yoga for Relationship Health
Partner yoga is about touch and communication with our partners. Can it help you connect with yours?

When Fertility Gets in the Way of Pleasure
Trying to conceive can make sex seem routine – don’t let it interfere with your pleasure. Use these 4 key ideas to keep your sex life fun.

How Green is your Sex?
Did you know there are eco-friendly lubricants and toys on the market? Find out more about how byproducts of our sexual activities can affect on the environment.

What is Your 2013 Relationship Resolution?
Keep your sexual connections conscious and fun. Use these 8 keys to maintaining your sexual relationship.

Fanning The Flames of Desire
When was the last time you wanted to tear your partner’s clothes off? Want to feel that way again? You can follow these tips to get it back.

Back to School
Back to school? Back to work? These changing routine can be stressful. Find your energy in the midst of these changes to keep your sexual spark alive.

The Dos and Don’ts of Gift Giving For Your Partner
Under pressure? Never sure how to find the perfect gift? Here are some great options.

Role Playing for Grown-Ups
Kids dress up to trick or treat at Halloween. There’s no reason the adults can’t enjoy role-playing as a way to explore your fantasies.

We All Get a Pause
Everyone’s hormone levels change over life, but it often seems like you notice the changes all at once. Often, it affects health and sexual issues. Read more about your options.

Have Bigger, Better and Fuller Orgasms
Sure, some people seem to have orgasms effortlessly but for some of us it takes a bit more work. 3 basic tips will help send you deeper into the pleasure zone.

The Better Way: Kegels on the Bus
Kegel exercises – for better orgasms, healthy sex, treating incontinence and recovery after childbirth – is there anything they can’t do?


TedX Talk – Redefining Relationships

Sexual Positions for G-Spot Stimulation
Learn about some stimulating positions for the g-spot in just a few minutes!

Pregnancy and Sex
4 minutes of on how your body changes during pregnancy.

Warming Up to Anal Sex
Get enjoyable and hot anal sex with your partner with these steps.

Penetrative Anal Sex
3 information-packed minutes on getting started with anal penetration

Enjoying your Vibe
Your vibe has a lot more uses than you think!

Talking To Your Kids About Sex
4 minutes of information for parents.

Multiple Orgasms for Men
An easy technique to find even more pleasure for yourself or with a partner.

Learn about the different types of lubes and the best ways to use them.

Vaginismus and Painful Intercourse
Some simple solutions to make sex possible and fun again.

Boosting Your Libido
In a few minutes, figure out how to spark your desire and keep things smoldering!

Toys for Penises
4 minutes of fun introduction to toys you may not even known were out there! Explore your options.