Sexuality Workshops

CJ teachingGiving Great Head: Learn to enjoy even more giving oral pleasure to your male partner and offer him a blowjob like he’s never experienced. From positions to techniques, discussions on taste, swallowing and deep-throating, this workshop has it all. We practice on dildos and leave with a handout and a routine that will spice up any night.

Bigger Better and Multiples: Orgasms for Women/ For Everyone: Learn how to have more powerful, full-bodied and multiple orgasms. Learn about your erotic anatomy and how to have orgasms during intercourse.

Learning To Orgasm: Learn ways to help you learn to orgasm and what might be holding you back from your full erotic potential. Gentle exercises, discussion and video fill a full 5 hours of learning!

Keep Her Coming: The Art of Pleasuring Women: Understand better what helps her get into the mood and how to give her maximum pleasure so that she’s keen to come back for more. Learn about her erotic anatomy neither of you knew she had!

Getting The Sex You Want: Gain a better understanding of what kinds of sex you want and learn ways to communicate your desires to your partner more effectively. Exercises, reflections and group discussion give you skills for years of pleasure.

Erotic Massage for Couples: A hands-on, clothes off workshop where couples learn and practice new techniques in their own private space. Each person gives and receives a 90 minute massage with their partner, with a gourmet catered lunch in between.

Anal Pleasure: Learn how to enjoy butt play (even more) on your own or with a partner. Learn about safety, prostates, toys, strap-ons and techniques to make your anal adventures truly pleasurable.

Here are some testimonials from previous workshops:

“Today’s class broke down some walls of thinking for me today and Carlyle made it comfortable to touch the unthinkable. But more than that for me I felt it allowed a group of individuals from all walks of life, lived experiences and preferences to come together and think about their own sexual and pleasure points. Now that was liberating. This was a first for me and opened me to new possibilities. To consider discussions on the arousal templates or the importance of playing and pleasure dispels and discounts the many myths about sex and sexuality.”

“I truly loved her presentation as it was high energy, and fun. She was notably embracing of all gender identities and conveyed an energy that celebrates human sexuality. Her level of comfort when speaking about sex was refreshing and made me feel comfortable talking about sex, asking questions and allowing myself to be curious, rather than stopping myself from the curiosity which I may have done walking down the street past ‘Good for Her.’”

“I thought I would be uncomfortable during her presentation. To my surprise, I felt engaged throughout. I was attuned during the presentation and gave her my full attention. There is something about how she presents and what she says that is so comforting. Sex and sexuality were presented as normal, fun, playful human needs and behaviours. She de-tabooed the topics of sex and sexuality that I felt intrigued and happy to listen to the tips and explanations that she had for our questions.

Additionally, I felt included in the discussion as she did not make assumptions about the sexual orientation of the audience. She transitioned so effortlessly between the different sexual orientation possibilities that the atmosphere in the room was very comfortable. What surprised me is that I always thought I know everything I need to know about my own anatomy; that I have a vagina, a urethra and an anus. I was blown away!”

“I think someone like Carlyle is so important especially for anyone who is confused about sex and their bodies. This one day session was amazing and should be a mandatory component of sexual education classes for older teens. This can be considered a great form of safe sex and an alternative to sexual activity that teens may not be ready for. What a great way to explore!”

“There were many things I enjoyed about Carlyle’s presentation. First, she was extremely comfortable about the topic of sex. As someone who grew up having to find out from school and friends about sex and anything related to it, I was never comfortable with speaking about sex. Second, she knew how to make EVERYONE comfortable. Maybe it was her massive amount of knowledge or her laid-back approach to the presentation, but five minutes into her presentation I completely forgot that I was uncomfortable to talk about sex. After Carlyle’s presentation I feel like I understood much more about the different perceptions on sex. I’m not 100% clear – yet – but I’m much more comfortable to be involved in discussions regarding sex in social settings.”

“Being in an environment with eighty students at the beginning whom I did not know and talking about such a ‘private’ issue seemed daunting at first. But Carlyle’s ability to speak openly, comfortably and maintain respect about sex was truly wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop (and I also learned a lot too).”

“Wow. Wow. Wow. I absolutely LOVED her. She was knowledgeable, professional, open minded, articulate, hilarious, approachable… I could go on and on.”